Earnings on Adsense: how much it pays for views and clicks

Using Adsense allows you to receive a stable income from every web resource that meets the requirements of the program and which has traffic. The advantage of this advertising system is a large number of advertisers. This means that you can earn on Adsense using a website or YouTube channel of any subject matter and in any language – there will always be a relevant ad.

Advantages of Adsense:

There is a suitable advertisement for any site;
A simple mechanism for advertising;
There are no requirements for minimal site traffic.
Any size of the audience of your web resource will already generate revenue if you install Adsense blocks. Naturally, the higher the attendance, the more earnings.

AdSense earnings strategies
The main factor that affects the amount of revenue from AdSense on the site is traffic, the more visitors come to the site, the more there will be those who click on the ad. Therefore, the main strategy for increasing earnings is to promote the site in the search engines. But there are other factors that influence the percentage of visitors who react to advertising.

The behavior of visitors on the site is not described by precise rules, the webmaster can only apply measures that affect the probability that the user will notice the ad and click on it.

The main strategies for increasing earnings on AdSense:

Optimize the location and type of ads on the page using split testing. It is necessary to periodically rearrange the ad units, fix the CTR and repeat the procedure until a variant with the best indicators is found. This is a lengthy process, but only A / B testing allows you to squeeze out the maximum revenue from the site. We recommend reading the article “What is A / B testing?”.
Optimize your site for mobile devices. Already in 2016, users of smartphones and tablets on the Internet were 52%. If the site is not convenient for viewing on small screens, you will lose a lot of visitors and revenue.
Use of native advertising (ads, the format of which automatically adjusts to the layout of the page). Bright, prominent ad units are subconsciously ignored by users (“banner blindness”). Now the effect will be more pronounced with an ad that looks like an organic part of the page.
Use a map of user activity and place ads in those places where the mouse cursor is most often and most often click visitors.
A “cunning” ad layout for random clicks. For example: a wide horizontal banner under the cap can be perceived as navigation and click on it, you can also place a block of ads under an article with the heading “Related articles”.
Change the number of ads on the page. In this case, all the attention of visitors will get to one ad unit, in addition, AdSense first of all displays the most expensive ads.
Use exit pages from the site. Look at the statistics, which site pages have the largest outgoing traffic and increase the number and size of ad units there. After all, users still leave or they get bored and want a new one, and you offer them new links.
In the AdSense settings, you can prevent ads from displaying questionable content or low-cost ads.
Attract visitors to the site from social networks. For example, we recommend an interesting article about attracting traffic from Facebook and earning $ 300 per day on AdSense.
Also, you should consider the differences in the types of ads displayed by AdSense and choose the optimal one for each web resource. For example, according to the observations of a well-known specialist in contextual advertising Vadim Kurilo (BackSpark), on the sites of commercial subjects, more income is brought by contextual ads, on entertainment – personalized.

How much you can earn on your site on clicks using AdSense
As practice shows, there is no exact rule how much Adsense pays. The following factors affect your earnings with this ad network:

The size of the site’s audience;
Number, location and design of ad units;
Site theme;
Seasonal fluctuations in the interests of users.
For example, news sites, political sites, women’s topics show the average AdSense click price of $ 0.06 before the New Year, and after the holidays and for more than a month the cost of clicking drops to 1-2 cents.

Taking into account that 1% -2% of visitors to the site click on advertising, very approximate revenue can be calculated based on traffic. For example, if there are 600 visitors per day on the site, then it can bring 180 clicks, at a click of $ 0.04 it will be $ 7.2 per month. If this is a highly profitable topic, where clicks cost $ 0.17- $ 0.20, then the same site for the month will bring already $ 30-36.

A few examples of how much Adsense is paying for a lot of traffic:

The Indian Amit Agarwal is blogging www.labnol.org, dedicated to technology and the Internet. Daily the site is visited by 270 000 people, earnings on the blog is $ 70 000 per month.
Pete Cashmore of Great Britain has been blogging about the technology, entertainment and interesting news from Mashable.com since 19 years. Monthly website traffic from

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