I want to share a small useful find: how to make gloves for a smartphone from ordinary gloves.

Touch screens of modern phones react to touch, but touching fingers with gloves is no longer recognized, which means that to answer the call or type a message, you have to remove warm gloves and freeze your hands. You can buy special gloves for smartphones, but you can not always find the right ones for it to be warm and beautiful.

Therefore, when I found out that you can make gloves for a smartphone from the pair that already exists, I decided to try it without fail.

The principle of the smartphone screen is that the human body is capable of conducting current, and touching the screen closes the electrical circuit. But gloves and gloves become a barrier, the chain does not close, the screen does not react. In order to use the phone in gloves, it is enough to sew a metalized thread, for example, lurex, onto gloves in places where they touch the screen.

So, I needed:
– gloves,
– a needle,
– thread lureks (bought in the store for 50 rubles, the main thing – to find the right color).

My gloves for outdoor activities are made of textiles. Do not take leather, rubber, water-repellent gloves – hole piercing does not go to their advantage.

I put on gloves and check which fingers I use to control the phone, mark the glove with the touch points to the screen.

Thus it turned out that I, in fact, need to sew a thread only on the thumb and index finger of the right hand.

I thread the needle and make a few stitches. From the inside I leave the thread with loops for better contact with the pads of my fingers.
Creativity, which I’m passionate about, is not associated with thread and needle, so I write more to share an idea than to hold a master class. If anyone is useful – I will be happy.

All cozy autumn!

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