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My parents gave me an apartment. At this time I was married. Now my husband and I get divorced and he says that he is applying for part of the apartment, since it is jointly acquired property. Is he right?
The answer >> No. If the apartment under the contract of donation belongs only to you, then it is not necessary to divide it with anyone, since the section can be subject only to the property acquired in marriage (that is, for money).

I am on a student visa in the United States, I am a Russian citizen, in Kharkov I have an apartment and I would like to sell it. I can not go to Ukraine now, can I make a general power of attorney for my aunt (she is a US citizen) and will she be able to sell an apartment in Kharkov without me? In which consulate you need to issue a power of attorney – Russia or Ukraine? I would be grateful for the consultation.
Answer >> You really can issue a power of attorney for alienation of your property located on the territory of Ukraine.
The power of attorney is issued in the name of the representative with the definition of the validity period, the date of issue, the terms of reference and is certified in the manner provided by the law of the state in which the power of attorney is issued. To obtain such a power of attorney, you can apply to an American notary, but in order for such a power of attorney to be accepted on the territory of Ukraine, it is necessary to apostille in accordance with the Hague Convention of 1961, which Ukraine joined on December 22, 2003. Apostille on the document is stamped competent body of the state in which it was issued or compiled. Only after this, such a document will be valid on the territory of Ukraine or in the territory of another state party to the Convention. In the USA, the Apostille is stamped by the Registrars of the States.
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After the trial, one of the rooms of our 3-room apartment belongs to our father. There are two separate settlement accounts in the apartment, can we sell our part of the apartment? or without the permission of the father, we have no right to sell ??
Answer >> Dear customer, if we correctly understood your question, then part of the apartment belongs to you, and part of your father, or at least you have the opportunity to privatize your parts, if this was not done before, therefore you have the right to sell you do not need your father’s permission for this, but you need to give up the right of pre-emption, i.e., he must either buy your part at the price stated by you, or refuse to do so in writing. If the joint-stock company refuses to give a written refusal, it is possible to send by registered mail a notarized statement and wait for an answer within a month, and then, by law, you can sell without a written refusal. It should be noted that selling your part without selling a part of your father will be about twice cheaper than when you move the apartment.

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