Monetize your website

1. If there is a TIC on the site, or the domain is already used from the existing TIC (if you need to buy a domain from TIC – please contact) the best method of monetization will be the exchange of links / ads:

a) sale of announcements through the Mainlink exchange (TIC of 30 or more)

b) sale of links through the Sape exchange (TIC from 0 and more, using the Sape exchange can also increase and / or maintain the site’s TIC, see video for use)

2. If the site has traffic, in other words traffic, use content networks. Payment for advertising will occur for each click. Therefore, your income will directly depend on attendance:

a) Yandex Direct (your site should have attendance of 300 people a day, nice design and growth prospects)

b) Google Adsense (from 50 people a day or more). To do this, you need to register in



Based on my own experience, I offer you my advice. To use them or not is always your choice. But I must say that in particular they were useful to me and still bring results. I managed to increase my income from websites by 80-90%, that is, almost 2 times! So, how to extract the maximum profit from your site, while not losing the trust of the audience and search engines to the site?

1. Start the monetization of the site not immediately, otherwise there is a high probability of getting under the ban or search engine filters. Wait for the full indexation of the site, type in weight and trust. Spread it a little. Ideally, you need to monetize sites that are at least 6 months old. Do not rush off the money for the cost of the site, try to keep its credibility in the search engines and the trust of users.

2. When choosing methods and methods of monetization, follow the rule: first register in many systems, and if it is possible to set their prices, then put them too high. Over time, your site itself will show you where it is “comfortable”, and where the profit is zero.

3. Try to automate as much as possible all the work related to the site, even if your net income decreases. Try to free yourself from the routine work (writing articles, buying links, etc.). Contact freelancers for help and services. Believe me, it’s worth it. Do not get hung up on routine work on the principle “I can do everything myself”, the task of the webmaster is the management of the site. Naturally, if you just start, you do not have the opportunity to automate everything and just do management. But you must strive for this. If you do everything yourself, you will not achieve great success and worthy financial rewards!

4. Use more than one site, and a lot. When you learn how to automate your work, then spend time on other sites and projects. The more good sites you have, the higher the income (profit) in general!

5. Be always open to new ideas. Even if you do not have the opportunity to realize it now, write it down in a notebook and strive to achieve it.

Maybe you will find that all this is dry and useless. But it is these tips that help me move forward!

You can ask a question or add your wishes in the form below and we will contact you in the course of the day to agree on the details or help you with advice!

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